Network Design, Installation and Relocation - Made Easy!

The decision to install a new network is often quite easy, but making technology decisions can prove a bit more challenging.  Working from a simple floor plan, we will design and install the cabling infrastructure, utilizing as much of the installed equipment base as practical.  Our complete installation services include pulling cables, installing firewalls, routers, and switches, and supplying any additional hardware and software. We can also supply and configure network servers (Netware, Windows Server 2003, etc.), printers, network management systems, and backup systems.
Once your new infrastructure is in place, we are prepared to support your user community with onsite training and end-user support.  Finally, we can provide remote monitoring and maintenance of your infrastructure, providing you with both a reliable environment and peace of mind. 

What we will provide

  • Installation of new state-of-art data communications networks – from start to finish.  Everything from cable layout/design/installation through server and workstation deployment can be managed by our team.

  • Relocation of your existing computer/network infrastructure from an existing site to your new location.  Working with your existing installed base, we will design a new and dramatically improved infrastructure, capable of handling your communications needs now and in the future.

  • Aggressive pricing on any new equipment purchases.  Because we are aligned with major equipment suppliers, we can provide attractive packages on the latest computer and communications technology.

  • Finally, we will provide technology direction for your business.  Helping you make the important choices that will energize your business and avoiding technological pitfalls.

How will this be accomplished?

  • Working with a representative from your company, we will clearly understand and document your infrastructure needs.

  • We will develop detailed cable layouts, network diagrams (both physical and logical), as well as server and workstation architectures consistent with your requirements.  Working with your staff, we will review these plans on a timely basis, ensuring that any changes or concerns are addressed early; avoiding costly changes down the road.

Typical detailed cable layouts

image: Cabling Draft

Typical network design including off-site links, Internet, and remote sites.

image: WAN design
  • If your new site is under construction, we will coordinate our installation schedule with the general contractor (or other vendors), ensuring that cabling and equipment installation is in sync with your overall project schedule.

  • Finally, we will provide on-site support to you as your new network comes online.  We also offer ongoing network management services, ensuring that your new infrastructure will continue to perform at peak performance.

Next Steps • it's easy!

Clearly, information technology is key to the success of many businesses today. Your company has probably made significant investments in technology, so why not be certain it's available to use as well as performing to its highest potential.

With the Network Monitoring, Management and Support from Bridgewater Technology Partners, you can rest easy knowing that technical experts are there to support you - around the clock.

To discuss further, please contact us by phone at (888)-331-BWTP (toll-free), use our contact form, or e-mail us…We'll make it easy for you.