Network Monitoring, Management & Support  - Made Easy!

  • Have you ever arrived at the office to find your network or a server inoperable?

  • Do you have the internal resources to ensure that your critical business information is backed-up on a regular basis? And that problems can be quickly isolated and resolved?

  • Can you be confident that viruses are regularly discovered and removed from your network and user resources and that security and disaster recovery plans are in place ?

  • Do you have documented network diagrams and a capacity plan that ensures your computing infrastructure will support your growth?

  • Finally, do you have a personal contact that is familiar with your information technology (IT) environment, capable of effectively resolving problems as well as providing technical guidance?

What we will provide

  • Remote monitoring of your network using state-of-the-art network management tools and techniques.

  • Real-time problem identification and resolution on a workday or 24x7 basis.

  • Monthly reports of the health of your network and computing infrastructure. This includes detailed accounts of problems that were resolved, recommended improvements, and performance metrics (network traffic, etc.)

  • A professional consultant assigned specifically to you, who can manage infrastructure changes and enhancements.

  • Finally, we will provide technology direction for your business. Helping you make the important choices that will energize your business and avoiding technological pitfalls.

How will this be accomplished?

  • First, an on-site evaluation of your environment will be conducted. With your approval, remote monitoring will be set up at that time.

  • Once connected to our network management center, remote monitoring will take place on a 24x7 basis.

  • If a problem occurs on your managed network, an immediate diagnosis will be performed. Once the problem is clearly understood, you will be contacted with recommended actions. If the problem occurs after-hours (and we obtain your approval), we will perform corrective actions to get your business back on-line.

  • Finally, you will have access to a professional, customer friendly technical support team headed by your primary consultant.

Next Steps • it's easy!

Clearly, information technology is key to the success of many businesses today. Your company has probably made significant investments in technology, so why not be certain it's available to use as well as performing to its highest potential.

With the Network Monitoring, Management and Support from Bridgewater Technology Partners, you can rest easy knowing that technical experts are there to support you - around the clock.

To discuss further, please contact us by phone at (888)-331-BWTP (toll-free), use our contact form, or e-mail us…We'll make it easy for you.