Network Evaluation: Stability Study & Assessment - Made Easy!

Does your office experience a loss of productivity due to an unstable computer network?

Have you ever arrived at the office to find your network or a server inoperable?

What we will provide

  • A two-week study on a 24x7 basis to determine the overall stability of your network environment.

  • A comprehensive report, detailing any weak links in your IT infrastructure as well as recommendations for corrective action.

How will this be accomplished?

  • First, an on-site evaluation of your environment will be conducted. We will identify the critical elements in your environment and set up monitoring.

  • Once connected to our network management center, remote monitoring will take place on a 24x7 basis for a two-week period of time.

  • After the second week, we will come back to your office and present our findings and recommendations in a detailed report and presentation.

How much does it cost?

For a 1 or 2 server environment, the cost is $500.
For a 3 to 4 server environment, the cost is $750.
For 5 to 7 servers, the cost is $1,000
For 8 servers or more, please contact our sales group for a customized proposal.

Next Steps • it's easy!

Clearly, information technology is key to the success of many businesses today. Your company has probably made significant investments in technology, so why not be certain it's available to use as well as performing to its highest potential.

With the Network Monitoring, Management and Support from Bridgewater Technology Partners, you can rest easy knowing that technical experts are there to support you - around the clock.

To discuss further, please contact us by phone at (888)-331-BWTP (toll-free), use our contact form, or e-mail us…We'll make it easy for you.